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Hope…Aviron jewelry celebrating life


We all know those beautiful souls we come across in life that seem to be bright no matter what they experience.  Strong faith that our lives unfold in divine order is likely behind that brightness.  My friend Joy is just one of those people.  She and her family have weathered many events that would have crippled and weakened others, yet they persevere and continue to lift up those around them.

She recently asked me to create a necklace for her to celebrate hope, surviving cancer and the memory of her brother whose life ended much too early.  For her the word hope symbolized all of these things and more.  She began running shortly after her experience with breast cancer and before she knew it she was hooked.  When she asked me to create a necklace she could wear while running that kept her heart close to those things that also motivated her to live her best most authentic life…to say the least I was honored.  When all was said and done…she ended up with two necklaces that celebrated life and the beautiful energy that she brings to it.  Joy’s energy and unwavering hope in life is infectious…to everyone she meets.  You can follow her blog and read more about her journey here http://justkeepswimming120512.blog spot.com/2014/10/a-wearable-tribute-to-my-brother.html

Aviron has brought the opportunity for me to experience and be a part of so many amazing lives around the country.  For that I am grateful.  Aviron’s mission to celebrate your healthy lifestyle and to live your best life continues.

Celebrate and honor your best life….Aviron Jewelry

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Trevor Hall inspired custom design headed to England

Trevor Hall inspired custom design headed to England

Love all, serve all, create no sorrow…lyrics from a Trevor Hall song …keep it close to your heart. “Follow your heart” celebrates a new marriage and hopes for a long and happy life.

Run Like A Girl promo necklace!

Run Like A Girl promo necklace!

Custom design for Hailey at http://www.runlikeagirlbc.com
Check out their fabulous running blog!

Custom designed bracelet celebrating 50

Custom designed bracelet celebrating 50

Custom design for a very special insanely creative friend in upstate NY. Love ya Jackie!

Rae Heim sporting a custom Aviron piece to celebrate her run across the US!



Aviron Celebrates an amazing run across the US

IMG_0291Amazing girl…amazing run…..amazing cause soles4souls. The finishers metal? A custom Aviron Jewelry design…check out the photo!

Made in the 216 @ The Dredgers Union

Made in the 216 @ The Dredgers Union

Aviron Jewelry will be a featured vendor at the Made in the 216 event this year!!  Shop Local at the Dredgers Union on June 15-17

Check out the link for more information ….. sounds like a fabulous party!!


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