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5 reasons to be grateful for running on a day with temps in the 1 degree mark

IMG_3072These days any run around here starts in the house layering warm technical clothes…breaking out the hand warmers…setting my iPhone to just the right podcast. This morning my intention was to listen to “The transformative power of practicing gratitude” a Rich Roll podcast. However…my iPhone just kept swirling and swirling and not allowing me to access the content. Of course at first I was really irritated because this is my time to soak up some interesting content, make my run more than productive and become enlightened right?
Well….not today, or so I thought. I tucked my iPhone and earbuds in my coat pocket and set off down the road. The snow crunching under my feet, the birds chirping, the sun shining…and then I realized the gift that was set before me. My run was likely more enlightening than I had anticipated. I had forgotten how it feeds your soul to have only your thoughts during a run…thoughts of gratitude and being present in the moment. There is no question that when it is 1 degree outside you are present in the moment, feeling the bitter cold on your cheeks, waiting for your finger tips to thaw out despite having hand warmers in your gloves, feeling the dichotomy of the warm sun and bitter cold as you push through each mile. I realized that I didn’t need to listen to a podcast about gratitude…I had gratitude all around me that I wouldn’t have been open to with earbuds distracting me. I’ve always enjoyed the solitude of running alone but some days you just need it more than others.

My 5 reasons to be grateful for running on a day with 1 degree temps:

1. Because I can. Simply. I run for those who can’t.
2. The crunchy snow on the road provides more traction…less chance of
a fall on the ice = balance. Spiritually and physically.
3. Solitude on the road…no one else is running out there and mental
solitude heals.
4. The cold air fills your lungs and and they work harder…you are stronger.
5. The snow and cold quiets everything around you except the birds and
wind creaking the frozen trees and you realize that life is all about
change. Soon Spring will come and life will be different.

Live in the moment

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