Where is Aviron Jewelry….

Opportunities have been presenting themselves everywhere!

Aviron Jewelry had it’s first public show at the Cleveland Handmade Market on December 3, 2011.  Since Aviron Jewelry’s inception in 2010 I have primarily sold through word of mouth and it’s been great, however, dipping my toe into the public world of an Art show really sealed the deal!  Aviron had a fabulous first showing and gained quite a bit of momentum.  Fans everywhere!

As a result of the success at the Cleveland Handmade Market requests for Aviron Jewelry started showing up in my inbox : )  Aviron is now at three local Cleveland boutiques….   Sparkle at Vanity Labs in Westlake….  Artful Living in the Gordon Square Arts District ….. and Salty Not Sweet in Ohio City.

Aviron Jewelry will also be featured at the Avant Garde Art and Craft Show in Westlake in April.   More details to follow…

It really is amazing what happens when you open yourself up to the possibilities and share your passion.

Stay tuned for more Aviron Jewelry announcements.  The Spring Art show season is coming up fast and furiously.


About Aviron Jewelry

A little girl, big brown eyes and eager spirit anticipating the visit to great grandma's house. The old wooden dresser filled with treasures from Bohemia....necklaces, long dangling earrings, rings...I wore them all. To me they were jewels worth millions and I was special when they dangled from my tiny frame. This, most certainly began my love affair with jewelry and was the precursor to Aviron Jewelry. I am a gypsy at heart and by heritage I suppose View all posts by Aviron Jewelry

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