Monthly Archives: June 2011


Today gave me a chance to really look back on the evolution of Aviron Jewelry with the purchase of one of my earlier pieces.   Azur beads that evoke a feeling of being seaside, twisted and joined with thin black wire and dangling wistfully from a hemp cord.   So different from the industrial copper and silver pieces that fill the pages of Aviron Jewelry nowadays.   I have always been a proponent of change and growth as it feels to me to be the natural order of life.  I often feel uncomfortable with people, places or events that never seem to grow.   In general most  are just the opposite and feel more uncomfortable with change and growth and would prefer that life just stay the same.  To me that feels a bit claustrophobic.  I take comfort in Aviron Jewelry’s progression to more industrial works of art and more unique pieces that will spark interest in those looking for something out of the ordinary.

The Azure blue beads will now find a home in beautiful Charleston SC, what better place for this piece than the coastal waters of the Historic South.   I am now inspired to create another piece that links the old Aviron to the new and creates yet another layer in the evolution of Aviron Jewelry.