I am inspired to create a few new pieces that are lighter in color, catch the sun when it shines and celebrate a new season.  Sterling silver discs are added to Aviron’s signature copper pieces for a whole new look.

Spring is such a truly amazing season.  New life at every turn. When you look at the overall landscape at the Arboretum here,  it still seems dull and brown, until you take the time to look closely and see the buds on each branch and early Spring Crocus’ peaking out of the soil.  I always feel a sense of renewal in Spring, a chance to make a new start, new ideas, taking chances, new frontiers.

This Spring Aviron Jewelry will be heading out into new territory. My line of jewelry will now be in a few local stores and Summer Art Festivals! Check out a new store opening in Cleveland’s Historic W.25th St. neighborhood.  Ohio City is home to many innovative shops and restaurants.  Come by for a look at Salty Not Sweet’s local and regional artist’s work and then head to the famed West Side Market just down the street, or grab a world famous beer at  Great Lakes Brewery just around the corner.

Check back for more information about Summer Art Festivals where you can find Aviron Jewelry.



About Aviron Jewelry

A little girl, big brown eyes and eager spirit anticipating the visit to great grandma's house. The old wooden dresser filled with treasures from Bohemia....necklaces, long dangling earrings, rings...I wore them all. To me they were jewels worth millions and I was special when they dangled from my tiny frame. This, most certainly began my love affair with jewelry and was the precursor to Aviron Jewelry. I am a gypsy at heart and by heritage I suppose View all posts by Aviron Jewelry

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