Monthly Archives: February 2011



I have been a lover of all things jewelry since I was a little girl.  I can remember always begging my mother to allow me to dress as  a gypsy for Halloween just so I could drench myself in all the costume jewelry we owned.  I have streamlined and classed myself up a bit along the way but am never found without some sort of wearable art.

I have dipped my toe in the waters of jewelry design over the years but this  last year I decided to take a swim.  It all really started with a vision of a necklace that I just couldn’t find anywhere.  So….I thought “I could make that”.  I started wearing it…folks started talking….asking where they could buy it…Aviron Jewelry was hatched.

The name Aviron takes bits and pieces of all things near and dear to my heart.  I have been a Francophile since I fell in love with the language years ago and equally in love with the sport of rowing.  Aviron refers to rowing  and seemed like a perfect fit.  There you have it.

New designs emerge out of the Aviron Jewelry Studio all the time.  Stay tuned for more news, check out the photos of current designs.  Leave a message if you are interested in custom designs.  Always happy to create.

Thanks for dropping by : )